What are the six principles that form the basis

What are the six principles that form the basis

At the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg (SPIEF), President Vladimir Putin criticized the United States and its Western allies but also anticipated the collapse of the unipolar system and referred to a new global order that could ensure equality and it could change the living standards of the poorest.

In his vision, “A new world order is still in progress, but it is clear that its rules will be created by those who do not follow a path set by others,” Putin told Russian Davos. He added that only powerful and sovereign states will have a say in this emerging world order, otherwise “they risk becoming or remaining colonies without rights,” writes Eurasiareview, which reviews the most important statements made by the Russian leader in SPIEF.

At the moment, with Russia severely hit by sanctions after sending troops to Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has acknowledged the economic difficulties facing his country in the new global configuration.

Regarding the United States, Putin accuses himself of being considered a “messenger of God on earth,” who has only interests, not responsibilities.

Thus, “The United States is unaware that new strong centers have sprung up around the globe in recent decades, and their voices are being heard louder and louder. Everyone develops their own political system and public institutions and implements their own model of economic growth, and, of course, everyone has the right to protect them and ensure their national sovereignty, “Putin said.

The era of the unipolar world order is over

However, the Russian president recalled the problems currently facing the world economy in general – from unfair competition between states, trade and financial wars, to sanctions and restrictions, saying that the era of unipolar world order is over.

“For the sake of ambitions and in the name of preserving outdated geopolitical illusions, the United States really does not understand that the world based on such dogmas is unsustainable,” Putin said.

The United States believes itself to be a kind of messenger of God on Earth

In his opinion, “we are witnessing objective processes and truly revolutionary tectonic changes. “After claiming victory in the Cold War, the United States has said that it is a kind of messenger of God on earth, who has no obligations but only interests – and those interests are sacrosanct,” Putin said.

“A world order based on the dogmas of unipolarity is unstable. Western elites are largely “clinging to the ghosts of the past,” believing that Western domination is an eternal thing. But nothing is eternal, “the Kremlin leader continued.

The six principles that form the basis of the development of the national economy

During the forum, President Putin highlighted six principles that form the basis for the development of the national economy in this way;


-trust in entrepreneurial freedoms,

-balanced macroeconomic policy,

-social justice,

-advanced infrastructure development and

-achieving technological sovereignty.

In conclusion, “In the 21st century, the sovereignty of the state cannot be partial, because all its elements are of equal importance. They strengthen and complement each other. That is why it is important not only to defend political sovereignty and national identity, but also to strengthen everything that ensures the country’s economic independence, self-sustainability and independence in terms of finance, labor and technology, “Putin explained.

In clear but tense language, the Russian president expressed optimism that Russia would become stronger than before, taking advantage of emerging opportunities and new initiatives.