What China learned from Vladimir Putin's failure in

What China learned from Vladimir Putin’s failure in

A new war could soon rock the planet! A world superpower is ready to fight, but it has learned several very useful lessons from the conflict that is taking place right now in Ukraine and which did not go at all according to the initial plans of the Russians.

The war in Ukraine represents an extremely important lesson for China, according to the head of the CIA, Bill Burns.

The director of the American intelligence agency believes that Beijing is learning lessons, at this moment, from the war started by Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, all in order to be prepared to use force against Taiwan, AFP journalists note.

Thus, “It seems to us that (the war in Ukraine as seen by Beijing) does not really affect the question of whether Chinese leaders know they can choose to use force against Taiwan in the coming years, but when and how they will do it,” says Bill Burns, director CIA, present at the Security Forum in Aspen, United States.

In his statements, the head of the CIA pointed out that the Chinese leaders are probably “concerned” after the developments of the invasion in Ukraine, considering everything as a “strategic failure” of Vladimir Putin, who had proposed to overthrow the power from Kyiv in just a week.

In the context of the invasion, China saw in this war waged by the Russians in Ukraine the proof “that you cannot achieve quick, decisive victories” without sufficient military weight in the battle.

In the view of Bişş Burns, “I think that the lesson that the Chinese leaders and the military are learning is that a dominant force is necessary” to win, specifying the importance of “controlling the information space” and preparing for potential economic sanctions.

China’s ambassador to the US talks about a peaceful reunification

The head of the CIA also spoke about the potential support given to Russia by China. Beijing, despite its verbal support to Moscow, has not come with any military aid to Russia in this military conflict, said Bill Burns.

Before the CIA chief’s address, China’s ambassador to the US, Qin Gang, also spoke at the same Security Forum.

He said his country always supports “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan.

In his view, “No conflict, no war: this is the most important consensus between China and the United States”, said the Chinese ambassador.

Tensions between China and the US due to a possible visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan

Just a few days before, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced that a visit to Taiwan by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, would seriously undermine China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the United States would bear the consequences.

Beijing will take strong measures to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Nancy Pelosi and her delegation would visit Taiwan in August, the Financial Times revealed, but also Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore, as well as Hawaii, where the US Indo-Pacific Command is located.