What is the best airport in Europe and what does the top look like?

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Athens Airport has been named the best in Europe, according to rankings from Google user reviews compiled by Holidu, a British holiday rental search engine.

As the largest and main airport of Greece, Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport – Athens has obtained 4.4 stars out of 5, from 24,467 reviews, writes ziare.com.

According to Holidu, “Greece has been unscathed in the European flight issue, with most delays occurring at departure airports with inbound flights to Greece.”

The ratings placed the airport in the top position, compared to Zürich Airport – Switzerland, Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport – Portugal, Alicante International Airport – Spain and Malta International Airport in second to fifth positions respectively.

What is remarkable about Athens Airport?

Located thirty-three kilometers from the city center, Athens International Airport, according to user reviews, “has so much to offer its travelers,” according to Holidu.

In case of a stopover, passengers at Athens airport “can enjoy luggage storage options, airport lounges, archaeological artefact exhibitions and a wide selection of restaurants and cafes”, Holidu reported.

The airport also offers a kid-friendly play area and a health and wellness center, making it a standout for travelers from Europe, writes greekreporter.com.

Top 10 airports in Europe

1. Athens International Airport, Greece – Avg. 4.4 stars, 24,467 reviews

2. Zürich Airport, Switzerland – Avg. 4.4 stars, 14,267 reviews

3. Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport, Portugal – Avg. 4.4 stars, 11,904 reviews

4. Alicante International Airport, Spain – Avg. 4.3 stars, 10,547 reviews

5. Malta International Airport, Malta – Avg. 4.3 stars, 6,279 reviews

6. Munich Airport, Germany – Avg. 4.2 stars, 19,850 reviews

7. Palma De Mallorca Airport, Spain – Avg. 4.2 stars, 19,107 reviews

8. Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, Czech Republic – Avg. 4.2 stars, 13,786 reviews

9. Gran Canaria Airport, Spain – Avg. 4.2 stars, 10,565 reviews

10. Helsinki Airport, Finland – Avg. 4.2 stars, 8,319 reviews

Top 5 worst rated airports in Europe

1. Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport, France – Avg. 2.7 stars, 5,700 reviews

2. Heraklion International Airport, Greece – Avg. 2.8 stars, 10,791 reviews

3. Luton Airport, United Kingdom – Avg. Google rating 3.0 + 10,665 reviews

4. Manchester Airport, United Kingdom – Avg. 3 stars, 15,192 reviews

5. Berlin Willy-Brandt International Airport – Avg. 3.2 stars, 16,959 reviews