What Michael Bociurkiw says about the period in which he worked

What Michael Bociurkiw says about the period in which he worked

When you are in the active zone of the conflict between pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian government, you gain experience and feel differently. Michael Bociurkiw, an Atlantic Business Global Analyst at Washington Council, described how he felt during his time working for the 2014 OSCE Special Monitoring Mission during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Thus, Bociurkiw was a spokesman for the Special Mission in Ukraine, stationed at the time of the tragedy of flight MH-17, in connection with which the international investigation established that he was shot down by a Russian missile fired from the territory controlled by separatist insurgents. .

Michael Bociurkiw: I looked these assassins in the eye during OSCE missions

On this situation, based on his experience in the OSCE, Bociurkiw said that he had a “terrible” feeling about the possibility that the recent clashes between the parties could trigger a conflict.

In his opinion, “I was in rebel territory. I looked these assassins in the eye during OSCE missions.

They are capable of anything. They have no moral restraint and will kill their own people if need be. What they are doing now is according to the ‘Russian Strategy Handbook’.

They evacuate their people, saying that the Ukrainians are ready to attack them. And they will use that as a pretext to aggravate this conflict even more, “he told CNN.

As tensions rise, the idea that Russia could create a story about the ‘imminent Ukrainian attack’ to use as a pretext is now widespread.

Propaganda against Ukraine

US intelligence has reported that the so-called “false flag” operation could involve a propaganda film with alleged atrocities committed by Ukrainians.

In his estimates, “The only powerful tool the West has at the moment is sanctions,” Bociurkiw said.

In addition, he agreed with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who said that the sanctions prepared for the case of Russia invading Ukraine should already be made public.

For his part, US Vice President Kamala Harris reiterated on Saturday at the Munich Security Conference that Russia would have to bear “significant and unprecedented costs” if it invaded Ukraine.

Harris pledged that the West’s response would be “quick, severe and united.”