WizzAir has problems right at home. Ministry of Justice from

According to the document, the number of complaints submitted to the Consumer Protection Authority against the airline company Wizz Air Hungary Zrt. has increased recently, several cases of which had a significant media coverage.

According to the complaints, the airline did not provide information and assistance in case of flight delays and cancellations, did not provide accommodation and rescheduling, which caused additional costs to passengers, did not respond to consumer complaints within 30 days and operate a call center with a high rate, thus violating the law and the rights of consumers in Hungary, the release also states.

For this reason, at the initiative of the Ministry of Justice, a consumer protection investigation was launched at the Budapest Prefecture, to protect the rights of consumers and families in Hungary.

The purpose of the control is to detect, stop and sanction any possible illegal behavior, because all companies must comply with the law, the statement emphasizes.