"Would Putin be able to push the nuclear button?"

“Would Putin be able to push the nuclear button?”

After Russian President Vladimir Putin alerted Russia’s nuclear forces, a whole world is wondering “Would Putin be able to push the nuclear button?” To this curiosity, the famous British journalist Steve Rosenberg offered a shocking answer.

Following recent events, Russian threats of a nuclear war have attracted international media attention. British journalist Steve Rosenberg gave a shocking answer to the question on everyone’s lips: “Will Putin start a nuclear war?”

In his analysis, “So many times, I thought: Putin would never do that. Then he did it. He will never annex Crimea, will he? He did it. He would never start a war in Donbas. He did it. It will never launch a massive invasion of Ukraine. He did it.

I have come to the conclusion that the phrase “never do it” does not apply to Vladimir Putin. And that raises an uncomfortable question: He will never push the nuclear button. Isn’t that right? ”Steve Rosenberg is now wondering, according to BBC News.

At the same time, “The war in Ukraine is Vladimir Putin’s war. If the Kremlin leader achieves his military goals, the future of Ukraine as a sovereign nation will be called into question. If it is perceived as failing and suffering heavy losses, the fear is that it could lead the Kremlin to take even more desperate measures. Especially if it is no longer applied, “it will never be done,” the British journalist added.

In the troubling context, even prominent figures in Russia, such as Dmitry Muratov and Pavel Felgenhauer, commented on Vladimir Putin’s latest statements on the use of nuclear weapons.

Putin behaves like the master of the whole planet

Dmitry Muratov, the Russian Nobel Peace Prize winner, claims that Vladimir Putin is behaving like “the master of the whole planet, spinning the fate of the planet through the threats he makes.”

He says the Russian president wants the Russian Federation to be treated properly by the West, otherwise “everything will be destroyed.”

In his vision, “Putin’s words embody a direct threat of nuclear war. By his statements, Putin did not act as the master of the Kremlin, but as the master of the entire planet; In the same way that the owner of a luxury car spins the car keys on his finger, Putin spins the fate of the planet through the threats he makes.

He has said it many times: if there is no Russia, why do we need a planet? Nobody paid any attention. But this is a threat that if Russia is not treated the way it wants, then everything will be destroyed. Russia’s political elites are never with the people. They always take the leader’s side. And in Putin’s Russia, the leader is all-powerful, “Dmitry Muratov told BBC News.

No one is ready for a confrontation with Putin

In the current tense context, as the European Union and the United States continue to impose harsh sanctions on Russia, Russian military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer says Vladimir Putin is seeking to cut off natural gas supplies to Europe, hoping European officials will give way soon.

He added that “no one is ready for a confrontation with Putin.”

In his opinion, “Putin is in a difficult situation. He has few options, once the West freezes the assets of the Russian Central Bank and Russia’s financial system suffers an implosion.

One option for him is to cut off gas supplies to Europe, in the hope that this will cause Europeans to give up. Another option is to launch a nuclear missile somewhere over the North Sea, between the United Kingdom and Denmark, and then follow the resulting reactions. No one is ready for a confrontation with Putin. We are in an extremely dangerous situation “, says Pavel Felgenhauer.